Friday, April 3, 2015

Baby, it's a castle outside

Today I had my lovely Remicade.
However, I was incredibly grumpy due to a poor sleep, forgetting to pack a snack, no morning tea (UGH!), and was late for my appointment. I got the snakiest look from reception when I was checking in. It's not my fault that my usual transportation is gone, and I had to walk. In -20 weather (which, in my Northern reality, is actually quite balmy).

Thus.... none of the usual Remicade photos. But you can always link back to admire IVs in my hand and various Remicade snacks HERE.

So... what is a young lady to do in a cold, frigid town?

Explore a castle made of ice. OBVIOUSLY.

For 20 years, the Snow King has made his castle of ice and snow for Yellowknifers to enjoy. He (and his crew) went ALL out this year. It was an impressive monstrosity, including a bar (made of ice, of course), a stage, a AMAZING ice slide, various tunnels, and latrines. There were even snow sculptures outside to welcome you in.

But, really... the photos speak for themselves.

Well, hello there sailor.

Apparently I was pleased with the photographer...

The bar made of ice!!

The stage during a Stand Up comedy night:

I snuck away while the bevy of local talent made the crowd guffaw. I was more interested in the ice slide, which was (and this is a very rare occurrence) not overrun with people. In fact, I was the only person enjoying the slide. It was beautiful, dark, with a million stars in the sky.

The slide in it's daytime glory:

And, to anyone who reads who is not from my Northern home, the castle is built on a giant frozen lake. Yes... we walked, drove, and partied atop several thick feet of ice.

There may have even been a Brrrlesque show at the castle, of which I may have been partaking in. However, I was to chilled to remember to take any photos. Boo.

Sadly, the castle has been closed for the season and will melt into a royal pile of slush. It had a grand run, and I look forward to what's in store for next season.

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