Friday, January 17, 2014


So, I've been having some interesting coincidences lately.

I was kindly approached twice my young ladies in my hometown, who were curious as to if I am the Red Deception who has a blog (hi there!). These ladies expressed interest in my musings and insistence on discussing what new meal has been keeping my belly full. A kind reader sent me this message on Facebook: 

Then, a post from another blog in which I was mentioned was brought to my attention:

Needless to say, I was touched. And my motivation to begin blogging again has been reignited. 

I deleted many of my past posts in the summer, as I was feeling discouraged by some aspects of my past that were less than delightful. I now wish I had kept these posts, as a reminder of how much I have accomplished and overcome in the past year. However, my own memories and recollection of this will have to do.

The past year or so has shown many uplifting moments and shattering relapses of my UC. My previous health triumphs were put aside for other obligations, and more stressors on my body mounted. I forgot my love of cooking... even biking, my previous source of bliss and meditation.

I am now putting more focus into my own health and well-being. I'm fortunate that I have outside support with my personal relationships and professional support from other nurses, nutritionists, and my physicians. However, the most significant aspect of this complicated puzzle is ME - if I don't make myself a priority, then I will end up back to an unhealthy place.

I'm excited to be back in a more positive place - to continue with my musings and thoughts on this blog. Next up - Remicade infusion!

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