Sunday, January 19, 2014

Three Years

It's hard to believe that it's been three years of Remicade. 

This treatment has been my lifesaver. 
There was a time when I was unable to eat, sleep, had intense pain, was anemic, and unable to put any weight on. It was a sad, sick, and desperate time. I was initially apprehensive to initiate Remicade due to the intense side effects and thought of being prodded with needles on a regular basis, but this was short-lived when considering the improvement in my quality of life. The day I was able to eat a meal without intense nausea, slept through the night, went days without pain, and had stabilized weight (yes, I put on weight... and I love every soft curvy inch!) - I felt like I was given a new life. A new beginning - as a "healthy" person.

I unfortunately had a flare-up of my condition in the fall, which was disheartening. It was a wake up call - a reminder that my health should be a priority. I refuse to go back to the days when I was so sick. Thus, I have been making changes to improve my health. It's been a slow process, but I relish in each step of progress I make.

On Friday I had my second "quick" infusion, which will take 45 minutes to one hour off the infusion time. I had one in the summer, which I was exhausted afterwards and did not want to relive. Until now.

Fortunately, the infusion went well and I was only mildly exhausted, even returning to work afterwards. (Did I mention I have a new job that I LOVE?). I've been napping over the weekend, with some light meditation, cooking, and much-needed grocery shopping.

Trying to eat much healthier = Lots of green!

I'm feeling like another nap is coming on. Here are a few lovely words of inspiration, and wishes I share for everyone I love in the upcoming year:

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