Wednesday, March 5, 2014


So, I'm fantastic at keeping up with this blog apparently. To be fair, I've been busy with my amazing new job. And life.

I've been enjoying daily walks to work. It's a mere 6 minutes, but despite the brisk cold, it's a daily highlight. Each morning has presented a few extra gorgeous moments of sunshine. One month ago - walking in darkness. This morning - the sun was well over the horizon!

However, despite the increase in sunshine, the evenings and mornings are still a bit cool...

This chilly weather doesn't keep me from being outside. Snowshoeing, biking, walking... no amount of frost can hold me back!

I've been fairly consistent with my nutritious eating regimen. HOWEVER ... I am getting allergy testing with the Naturopath tomorrow, so I was informed to eat some of my suspected allergens to the test will be more sensitive. Dairy and gluten. My poor belly.

Fortunately, I've had some forbidden items come my way to help with this. Dinner with friends. Even delicious cupcakes delivered to me at work from a client!

Nom Nom Nom

Otherwise, the usual. I haven't been making any exciting new meals worth writing about. It's been fairly routine. Green juice, smoothies, lots of greens. Et cetera.

Blood Oranges. Love.
I had one for the first time in Italy. It's the tastiest combination of sour and sweet. I've been eating two daily.

Only a few more days of this... then off to a much warmer climate!

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