Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Red is Back!

Been a bit AWOL as of late. I promise I have been behaving myself. Like a proper lady.


So what was I really up to?

Only having the most AMAZING time in South East Asia!

I trekked through former Viet Cong jungle.

Slept under mosquito nets in small villages.

Wandered odorous and busy local markets.

I was able to relax on gorgeous beaches.

Ride a bicycle through rice fields.

Drink Vietnamese tea while watching scooters pass by.

... and also turned another year older!

After this vacation, I felt so well-rested and ready to take on real life again. And, to no surprise, to more health challenges to face upon arrival. Which I am trying to move though with a more zen approach, taking mind to the calm nature of the Buddha and kind people I encountered in South East Asia.

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