Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bonne Fete Du Canada!

Happy (Belated) Canada Day, Eh!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. For those of use who had the day as a statutory day off ... did today also feel like a second Monday this week for you?

I spend the morning doing, as I LOVE to on my days off ... slept in. And missed the Canada Day Parade. Not sorry about it whatsoever.

After some running around with a busy person, I went down to check out the festivities solo and found a large crowd enjoying some live music, draw prizes, sunshine, and the Farmers Market!

I have NO idea why my smartphone started taking such ethereal photos, but bear with me. Imagine it's a Northern fairy-tale or something.

Northern Eggs!

Fried whitefish!

While wandering through the event, I ran into a very festive friend of mine:

With a kilt and all!
Jay Bear was the MC for the event - hilarious as always - and rocking the red, white, and 'hawk! 

And I am sad to say I missed out on this adorable little furball, but I'm giving credit to Jay Bear for taking the photo and sharing the absurd cuteness:


I had missed breakfast (Oops!), so my next mission was to find something nutritious and tasty  to enjoy. Considering it was a quite warm day, it also had to be refreshing.

Thanks Buddah for my friend Lorie, the holistic nutritionist, and her raw food booth at the Farmers Market!

Hi Lorie!

Most of the food had been picked over, but there was some juice left. I picked up some orange-ginger concoction. 

Just what I was looking for! Delicious and full of vitamin C and beta carotene!

I also picked up a jar of kimchi, which is a fermented Korean side dish. It is apparently spicy in taste. It's main benefit is that it is a potent probiotic, but is also has benefit in lowering cholesterol, antioxidant, anti-aging, and more! There is a study in the Journal of Medicinal Food that outlined all of the amazing benefits of kimchi.

This is my first time trying it, but Lorie suggested it is tasty with fish, chicken, and atop salads.

When I finished meandering around the Farmers Market, I went home to have some leftover fried rice and tend to my garden:

I may only have had these herbs for a week, but I am so happy they look so vibrant! I have absolutely no green thumb, so I am excited I am keeping these healthy and alive. I am most excited about the basil - as I love Italian style meals and it is hard to come by fresh basil in my neck of the country! There is also some mint and parsley scattered throughout there - these will be for juicing or flavoring water.

A perfect end to a perfect day: A good book, tea, and the sunset...

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