Saturday, August 30, 2014

Remicade Challenge

During last week's Remicade infusion, I pondered.

I pondered upon how I've been coming to the same hospital, for Remicade, for almost four years. The flares, and why they keep recurring. My lack of remission. How lonely it feels to be in the hospital without any visitors. How I wish there was a cure, so I could be medication-free. Or, even just being medication free AND in remission - even for a little while.

I pondered upon what would make this time during and between infusions meaningful, fun, and be a gentle distraction. I can't change my chronic illness, but at least I can change my perspective. And hopefully alleviate some of the negative associations I've developed.

I was bummed that I couldn't bike to my appointment as I am a fatigued mess afterwards. Not a good idea to cycle when you want to nap and can barely keeps one's eyes open. I do, however, take the hospital stairs. It gives me some activity in an otherwise very lazy day.


I was inspired to create a challenge, for myself, that is meaningful between Remicade infusions. Right now I am inspired to become a more active person. I used to enjoy being a gym-goer, cycling, swimming, even the dreaded jogging. However, after my flare in the fall, my motivation has nose dived. I've felt significantly better when I am moving more, so hopefully giving myself this fun challenge (and blogging about it!) will keep me accountable.

Out for a walk!

Also, I considered the many benefits to increased physical activity. It improves symptoms of mild-moderate anxiety and depression, is important in bowel health as it increases peristalsis and blood circulation to the gut, assists in maintaining a healthy weight, and is important to so many functions in the body (ie cardiovascular function, musculoskeletal health).

Week one was a success. I did something a little active every day. On Remicade infusion day, I went out for a short walk after a long nap. It was short-lived due to my fatigue... but I had a great sleep afterwards!

Most of my activity has been spent going for walks and biking. I have to take advantage to the last few "nice" summer days we have left, as the evening chill is strongly indicating that fall is near.

Not that cold weather has stopped me before, but it is easier to cycle on pavement than through snow and ice.

If it's not obvious, I'm a winter baby. I love snow and cold weather.

Soon I'll be looking for studded winter tires for my bike. Yes, I intend on biking in the winter. I'm badass like that - cycling on ice roads and all.

Speaking of badass, check out the softball jersey's for the team I play for. We're in D division, so.... beer league!

While we're out of the finals, Walter White has faith we'll kick ass next year!

I'm about to head out to see if I still have the stamina for (UGH) jogging. Wish me luck.

Does anyone else feel "stuck" in their motivation during a flare or feel down around Remicade time? Do share, and feel free to join me in my Remicade Challenge!! I can use all of the motivation and support I can get!

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