Friday, August 22, 2014

Remicade Day, yet again!

Guess what day it is?!

It's that fantastical time, every eight weeks, where I am pumped full of medicinal-grade rat proteins that allow me to have a proper quality of life. As in, I'm not constantly nauseated, losing significant weight unintentionally, in the fetal position from severe abdominal pain, and/or spending the majority of my day ensuring I am near toilet facilities.

(Yes, it really does contain rat protein).

My trusted IV pump and myself.

Ah, Remicade.

Another early morning to attend this appointment, due to my previous reactions and necessity for "pre meds" now. Although, I am glad I am no longer going to receive IV Gravol considering my less than pleasant experience with it previously. I'm quite happily taking my Cetirizine daily, five days before and seven days after my infusion. No side effects as of yet.

Due to this early morning appointment, I went into work early to ensure all pertinent documents, etc were attended to. Which means I was awake at 0645. 

A morning person, I am not.

I prepared some quinoa flakes with raisins and coconut sugar to take to work for a quick breakfast. Then I packed my snacks for the day:

POM juice, organic blueberries, bananas, and plenty of tea.

First step on Remicade day: Pokey.

My usual nurse was off work today. I think she has the magic touch for IV. I hope she's back in eight weeks!

Second step: Vital signs. And... um.... educational reading.

After my foggy brain last infusion, I felt some gentle reading was appropriate:

Step three: Remicade time!

Step four: Waiting...

Time for reading, snacks, and tea!

After my infusion, it was noted that my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) that was to be collected with this month's lab-work. Which means... I have to get blood-work. Again.

Le sigh.

So I had to register a second time, wait, and get poked with another needle. Yay?

OUCH x 2.

After such an early morning, two needles, and post-Remicade fatigue and headaches... it's time for a much needed nap. More tomorrow on a new undertaking I am considering... that I pondered upon during today's Remicade treatment!

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