Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tasty Tuesday Attempt and the YK Farmers Market

Murphy's Law has bested me.

I had thought to myself: "Tuesday. That seems like an ideal day for weekly meals postings. I don't usually have much going on". I wanted to share what my experiencing is like day-today, trying to maintain some semblance of deliciousness and consistency in eating healthy with dietary restrictions.

Nope. Instead of waking up ready for a day of culinary thrill, I woke up with a cough and scratchy throat. Alongside a silent migraine. AND a chilly day.

Very funny (but not really).

It is June, right? RIGHT?!

Considering the crisp morning walk ahead, I started my morning with a cup of green tea and some light reading:

Breakfast was a green juice (heavy on the carrots) and a slice of homemade gluten-free bread with PB and honey. I'm obvious not well, considering I couldn't finish eating this simple meal.

... and considering how much I love the combination of honey and PB.

Then I walked to work in the cold, cold morning air. I was not prepared at all... just a long-sleeved work shirt. Brr.

My intentions are to flush out whatever virus/pathogen ails me, so copious amount of water with cucumber and mint leaves were consumed.

Again, not feeling very hungry, so the raspberries I brought for a snack were mostly for show. I maybe ate two or three.

I was just not feeling it this morning.

I walked home for lunch (and to get a sweater), all I could muster was some caribou broth with miso. It was warm and soothing for my sore gut ... just what I needed!

Dessert: Three Mejool dates. 

After another cool walk to work, my kind co-worker offered me some vegan desserts she had made, with consideration to my food sensitivities. How kind!

... but they contain oats. Non gluten-free certified oats. Le sad.

However, I had some snacks on hand and made myself consume them to ensure I had some semblance of nutrition to prevent the afternoon slump (note: still felt slumpy).

A peach (that was actually ripe and delicious) and kale chips!

After work, I headed out to sign up for some volunteering at a local folk festival this summer and to check out the YK Farmers Market!!

I didn't have the opportunity to explore it last year, so I was excited to see all of the booths. Indian food, homemade skin care products, ice cream, even a raw vegan food booth!

I was with some friends, including celiac superhero Sarah. She was my protector from gluteny, cheesy, eggy foods. We were able to inquire with a booth selling Indian food, and found that the curry chicken and rice was appropriate. However, they mixed my rice with Nann bread (sigh, gluten), so I just had the curry chicken. It was actually quite good.

So good that I forgot to take photos of it. My bad.

Again, unpictured, was dinner out with friends. I had a chicken burger on a gluten-free bun with spinach salad, in which I just ate the mandarine oranges off the salad. It's the best part, don'tchaknow?

Needless to say, after feeling less than stellar all day and wandering out in the coldish weather, I am happy to go home, have a hot shower.... and crawl into bed.

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